Silica Rich EX

Wet performance is improved by greatly increasing the amount of silica compared to conventional SILICA RICH.

Silica Rich Compound

Silica Rich Compound provides enhanced gripping capability in wet conditions and low temperatures; ensuring superb handling at the beginning of every ride. It also provides a more consistent and longer lasting grip.

Mono Spiral Belt

Mono Spiral Belt (MSB) construction means that a continuous single strand is wrapped around the circumference of the tire. This one-piece construction eliminates overlapping of belts, seams and joints. A MSB tire is lighter than conventional multi-cross belt construction. It has more stability since it minimizes heat generation inside the tire and provides high bump absorption.

3D Comprehensive Tire Design Method

3D CTDM is Bridgestone's newest automated tire design technology. The leading edge 3D CTDM program enables Bridgestone to conduct dynamic, three-dimensional simulations and analysis of the tire performance and to find optimum solutions at all lean angles.


Pattern by C.T.D.M. The tread patterns are designed using 3D CTDM, incorporating smoother curves to minimize hydroplaning in wet condition. The front tire patern was designed to maximize high speed stability while minimizing vibration. The rear tire has high negative ratio to enhance cornering grip and cornering stability. Profile by 3D-C.T.D.M. The convex tire profiles give quicker and lighter handling in tight corners. The 3D CTDM designed profiles maximize the lateral stuffness (grip) and maintain linear contact pressure at all lean angles (handling).

Dual Aligned Compound

Dual Aligned Compound (patent-applied) has boosted motorcycle tire science to an even higher plane. Unlike the current Battlax BT45 and Spitfire S11 Dual Tread Compound crossplys, which utilise two different strips of rubber, Dual Aligned Compound is the name given to the technology which controls the length of molecules in a single strip of rubber. This unprecedented and far-reaching technological advance allows the modification of compound structure over an unbroken surface area, thereby opening the way for the introduction of new rider-friendly tread patterns.

Dual Tread Compound

Dual Tread Compound (DTC) improves two incompatible performance characteristics: wear resistance and cornering grip. It applies a rubber compound with good straight driving stability and high speed durability at the central area of the tread, and high grip rubber compound at the shoulder area. Bridgestone realized the adhesion of these two compounds through high polymer joint technology.

Narrow Ply Construction

The revolutionary narrow ply construction gives superior cornering grip, optimum rigidity for quicker handling, and high speed straightway stability. This unique construction is used for the first time in Bridgestone Battlax BT-014 front tires. Patent pending.

Cap & Base Construction

Cap-and-Base Construction is the underlying layer controls tread stiffness as well as providing reinforcement and shock absorption. The grip-enhancing compound on top contains silica for all weather performance, tire life, and superb cornering grip.

HTSPC - High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord

Bridgestone is the first motorcycle tire manufacturer to utilize multi-filament rubber insulated steel (MS.Belt) in the manufacture of its motorcycle radial tires. This technology offers many advantages over steel that is used by the competition. This makes the tire more flexible, provides more stability without a reduction in bump absorption, and minimizes the generation of heat throughout the tire.

Outside Bead Filler

In addition to the conventional inner bead filler, Battlax BT-014 employs the New Generation Outside Bead Filler. The New Generation Outside Bead Filler realizes the ideal sidewall profile analyzed by finite element method by giving optimum force distribution and rigidity balance. Patent pending.


Newly developed MX CAP/BASE combines superior shock absorption with ultra-high traction. Specially designed for front tires, the tire features a dual layer of rubber construction. The base compund ensures tread block rigidity needed for high traction. The softer surface compound delivers high levels of cushioning and grip.

MX Dual Tread Compound

Dual Tread Compound (DTC) adopted for motocross tires, for high-performance cornering and acceleration.

THE NEXT REVOLUTION IN TIRES - CTDM (Comprehensive Tire Design Method) is a revolutionary method of tire design by Bridgestone. The core of CTDM is a program in the Bridgestone Super computer that automatically designs an optimum tire under a given condition.

SACT Cap & Base

Straight And Cornering Technology (SACT) gives center mileage and shoulder grip, while the underlying layer (Cap & Base) enhances tread stiffness for better grip, shock absorption and all-weather performance

3LC (Dual Compound)

3LC offers ideal grip performance demanded in every aspect and all riding modes. The center compound offers linear handling. The shoulder compound secures high grip and solid contact feeling.

5LC (Triple Compound)

5LC offers ideal grip performance demanded in every riding mode and aspect. The center compound offers good stability. The shoulder compound transfers the engine power to the road with strong traction. The edge compound offers strong side grip and solid contact feeling in deep lean angles.