Adjustment Procedure


NOTE: Due to the latest requirements of the federal government’s TREAD Act, we must strictly enforce this procedure.

If you feel that you have a tire issue that is within the manufacturer’s control and would like to submit for warranty adjustment consideration, please follow the instructions below


1) Depending upon the how the rider came into possession of the tire, take appropriate action according to these options:

a. If the tire came as original equipment on the motorcycle, return to a motorcycle manufacturer dealership which services the make of the motorcycle.  The motorcycle manufacturer dealership will confirm the warranty coverage through the vehicle manufacturer’s process. 

b. If the tire was purchased as a replacement tire from a motorcycle dealer, accessories shop, or online retailer, the preferred option is to take it to the place where the replacement tire was purchased  for inspection of the tire in question. If returning the tire to the place of purchase is not possible, consult your preferred authorized Bridgestone Motorcycle Tire retailer.  Please note that if the replacement tire was purchased from an online retailer, since shipping is involved, the customer should contact the retailer to process a warranty claim per the retailer’s policy. 

2) Clearly explain to the dealer the issue with the tire.



1) Once the rider has presented the tire, determine if the tire qualifies for an adjustment based on the terms of the current Bridgestone motorcycle limited warranty, which can be found HERE.

2) If the tire is deemed warrantable, the dealer should process a warranty return with their authorized Bridgestone motorcycle tire distributor.  Authorized Bridgestone motorcycle tire distributors are as follows:

US Authorized Distributors (alphabetical order):  Automatic Distributors, Parts Unlimited, Tucker Powersports

Canadian Authorized Distributors (alphabetical order):  Importations Thibault, Kimpex, Parts Canada

   Complete the adjustment form provided by the distributor, who will ultimately submit the tire(s) to Bridgestone for warranty consideration.    ALL fields on the adjustment form should be populated including information about the rider, the bike, and the tire. (Incomplete adjustment forms will void any adjustment credits)

3) Mark the area of the tire in question with a grease crayon and note the adjustment form number on the sidewall. A brief description of the issue and/or a note attached to the tire would be helpful.

4) Return the tire with the adjustment form and note describing the issue to your Bridgestone tire distributor.

5) Handle the customer in accordance to your customer service policy and/or our warranty procedures. (Tire at no charge for less than 50% wear or a pro-rated price for a tire with more than 50% wear)

NOTE: Please be sure to read the applicable limited warranty carefully prior to accepting a tire for adjustment. Customer satisfaction decisions are covered at the dealer’s expense.