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Sport Touring BT-45

Sport and Sport Touring, Spring 2020 Promotion, Vintage

Sport Touring Bias-Ply tires for mid-sized sport-touring bikes and older sport bikes.

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Spitfire S11

Scrambler, Sport and Sport Touring, Vintage

Sport Touring Bias-Ply tires

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Battlax BT-46


Upgrading an icon is never easy. The BT46 replaces the BT45 as Bridgestone's premier Bias-Ply vintage sport and touring tire. The BT46 improves wet grip without sacrificing wear life or handling characteristics compared to the Bridgestone BATTLAX BT45

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Built to optimize performance

  • Style

    Modern technology with a classic look. 

  • Performance

    A ride that feels as good as it looks. 

  • Handling

    Get accuracy and high-speed stability.    

  • Grip

    Optimized for wet or dry road conditions. 

  • Reliability

    Newer compounds.

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