Mark Miller Claims Baja Hill Climb Win and Record Using Bridgestone RS11 Tires


Piloting an Aprilia Tuono shod with Bridgestone Battlax RS11 tires, Mark “Thriller” Miller claimed the overall and heavyweight sportbike wins at the 2021 San Pedro Martir Hill Climb in Baja, Calif. 

But Miller didn’t stop there. The Isle of Man TT Zero winner also claimed a new lap course record on Oct. 28. 2021, at “The Longest Hill Climb in the World.”

Miller piloted his 2010 Aprilia Tuono 1000 to a course record of 14:30 minutes, beating the 14:58-minute record by 28 seconds, previously held by the late Carlin Dunne since 2017, a multi-time Pikes Peak Champion.

The Californian beat full-faired BMW S1000RRs, Ducati Mulitstradas, and 450 Supermotos aboard his “classic” 2010 Tuono powered by a ROTAX v-twin—the very last permeation of the long-lived RSV line which ended in 2010-2011when all things went V4.

The bike had no issues conquering the 19.5-mile road course with an elevation change of 6,162 feet, which features a mix of fast straights and 150 corners—some of the tightest twisties known to riders everywhere.

A racing motorcycle is nothing without great tires, and Miller attributes much success to the RS11s, Bridgestone’s most aggressive street sport tires.

“Whether under hard throttle, hard braking, or holding a tight line, I had full confidence with my RS11s. The tires performed beyond my wildest imagination at race speeds in a place where conditions mirror everyday street tires,” Miller said.

The RS11 is popular due to its design that takes much from the R11 race tire. In addition, the RS11 is the first road tire that has adopted the new V-MS-Belt construction for the rear tire, which is found in Bridgestone’s highest performing race tires - significantly improving the contact area with the road surface and enhancing the cornering grip.*

Both front and rear tires also use new 3LC compounds that further increase grip and cornering stability while constantly providing feedback to the rider. *

This tire is equally as good on the street as it is on a closed circuit set up for a hill climb, something Miller proved on his Aprilia Tuono 1000, a bike that lacks the typical electronic aids of nowadays.

“No ABS, no ride-by-wire, no traction control, and no wheelie control. Just analog bliss,” Miller says.

The Bridgestone RS11 worked nicely here - imagine what they can do with electronics.

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* Disclaimer: Comparison based on Battlax Racing Street RS11 tire versus Battlax Racing Street RS10 tire from internal testing. Results may vary