This Limited Warranty covers BRIDGESTONE brand motorcycle tires and only applies to the original purchaser. It is valid if all of the following apply:

• The tire was purchased after January 1, 2009.

• The tire is of a size that is specified for use by the vehicle manufacturer or Bridgestone.

• The tire has been used only on the vehicle on which it was originally installed.

What Is Warranted and For How Long

If, before wearing down to 1/32 inch (0.8mm) of remaining original tread depth (i.e., worn down to the top of the built-in indicators in the tread grooves), and within 4 years from the date of purchase (proof of purchase required; without proof of purchase, then 4 years from the date of manufacture - referenced by the last four digits of the DOT number), for any reason other than those excluded in the section entitled“What This Limited Warranty Does Not Cover,” any eligible tire becomes unusable for any reason within the manufacturer’s control, such tire will be replaced with an equivalent new Bridgestone tire on the basis set forth in this Limited Warranty.

What This Limited Warranty Does Not Cover

Tires with less than 1/32nd of an inch of original tread depth (i.e., worn down to the top of the built-in indicators in the tread grooves).

Tire damage or irregular wear due to: Road hazards, including, without limitation: Puncture, cut, impact break, stone drill, bruise, bulge, snag, etc. Improper use or operation, including, without limitation: Improper inflation pressure, overloading, tire/wheel spinning, use of an improper wheel, tire chain damage, misuse, misapplication, egligence, tire alteration, or use for racing or competition purposes. Insufficient or improper maintenance, including, without limitation: Wheel misalignment, improper brake adjustment, worn suspension components, improper tire mounting or demounting, tire/ wheel assembly imbalance, or other vehicle conditions, defects, or characteristics. Contamination or degradation after purchase by petroleum products or other chemicals, fire or other externally generated heat, or water or other material trapped inside the tire during mounting or inflation. Improper repair. Improper repair voids this Limited Warranty. Rapid tread wear or wear-out. Motorcycle tires have no mileage warranty. Weather/ozone cracking after 4 years from the date of manufacture. Ride disturbance or vibration after 1/32 inch (0.8mm) of tread wear use. Tires with sealant, balance, or other filler material that was not originally applied or inserted by the tire manufacturer. Tires fitted with used, damaged, or incorrect size inner tubes. Tires purchased as used. The consequences of new tires or repaired tires not being allowed a proper Run-in Period. Tires purchased and normally used outside of the United States. Tires used on motorcycles fitted with trailers. Tires Inflated with anything other than air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Replacement Price • Free Replacement Period: Motorcycle tires adjusted under this Limited Warranty will be replaced free of charge during the first 50% of tread wear or within 12 months of the date of purchase (proof of purchase required; without proof of purchase, then 12 months from the date of manufacture), whichever occurs first. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. A. B. C. D. E. After the free replacement period, the tire will be replaced for a pro-rated charge. To determine the replacement price, the dealer will multiply the current dealer selling price of the tire (in effect at the time of adjustment) by 50%. The cost of mounting, balancing, and other service charges, disposal fees, or applicable taxes are payable by the consumer. A CASH REFUND WILL NOT BE OFFERED IN LIEU OF THE ABOVE. Where To Go for Replacement If the tire was fitted as original equipment, it should be presented to the retailer from whom the motorcycle was purchased. With the exception of mail order tires, tires that were not fitted as original equipment may be presented to any authorized Bridgestone retailer. A mail order tire must be returned to the company from which it was ordered and the consumer must pay all associated shipping and handling costs. Owner’s Responsibilities A. Owner is responsible for proper tire care, and lawful and prudent motorcycle operation. Part of this responsibility is maintaining proper tire inflation pressure and load as recommended by motorcycle manufacturer and in accordance with restrictions molded on tire sidewalls. Inflation pressure should be checked frequently with a tire gauge and the tire should be regularly inspected for damage or irregular wear. B. Owner must present to any authorized Bridgestone motorcycle tire dealer or agent the tire for which he or she is seeking warranty consideration and proof of purchase. (Consult a telephone directory for the nearest authorized Bridgestone motorcycle tire dealer). C. Owner must pay all applicable dealer service charges and taxes. D. Owner must complete and sign the customer section of the Bridgestone Limited Warranty Form. E. The motorcycle on which the tire was equipped must also be available for inspection by an authorized dealer. F. Tires accepted for warranty compensation become the property of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC. Consumer Rights This warranty gives consumers specific legal rights, and consumers may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Conditions and Exclusions To the extent permitted by law, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC disclaims all other warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and any liability for incidental and consequential damages, loss of time or loss of vehicle use or inconvenience. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to all consumers. This Limited Warranty applies only to consumers actually using the tire in the United States. For warranty conditions outside the United States, see the local Bridgestone distributor. Obligations under this policy may not be enlarged or altered by anyone. In accordance with Federal Law, this Limited Warranty has been designated as a “Limited Warranty.” Nothing in this Limited Warranty is intended to be a representation that tire failures cannot occur. This Limited Warranty is given in the United States by Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC, 200 Fourth Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37201. For purchases in Canada, please see separate Warranty Brochure. BATTLECRUISE H50 SUPPLEMENTAL ROAD HAZARD LIMITED WARRANTY Limited Warranty Not applicable to tires purchased in the state of New York. For additional peace of mind, the Battlecruise H50 Supplemental Road Hazard Limited Warranty covers eligible tires that become damaged or unusable for any reason resulting from a road hazard (e.g. cut, snag, bruise, impact or puncture). This warranty, given to promote goodwill, is a supplement to the Limited Warranty applicable to your tires. Eligibility For additional peace of mind, the Battlecruise H50 Supplemental Road Hazard Limited Warranty covers only the original purchaser. Proof of purchase is required in the form of an original invoice or receipt that must indicate the name of the purchaser, the purchase date, the vehicle mileage (odometer reading) at installation and the retailer’s name and address. Only Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 tires are covered, and each must meet all the of the following criteria: • It was purchased new through an authorized retailer. • It was used only on the vehicle on which it was originally installed. • It meets or exceeds the vehicle manufacturer recommendations for size, load capacity, and speed rating. • It was mounted to a properly-sized wheel. The coverage period starts with the date the tires are purchased and extends for a duration of up to one of the following, whichever occurs first: A. The first 1/32 of tread wear or B. 12 months from date of purchase If you receive a replacement tire under this Battlecruise H50 Supplemental Road Hazard Limited Warranty, it will be covered by the tire manufacturer’s warranty or warranties, if any, given on that tire at that time. What is Warrented An eligible Battlecruise H50 tire that becomes damaged or unusable for any reason resulting from a road hazard (e.g. cut, snag, bruise, impact or puncture) will be replaced in the following manner: • Tires will be replaced with a new Battlecruise H50 tire free of charge. You are responsible for payment for mounting, balancing, applicable taxes and disposal fees, if any. Also excluded is coverage for any other parts or services, including but not limited to charges for road service, towing and valve stem components. Where to Go Tire service under the Battlecruise H50 Supplemental Road Hazard Limited Warranty will only be performed at an authorized retailer. Consumer Rights The Battlecruise H50 Supplemental Road Hazard Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. MOTORCYCLE TIRE WARRANTY ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE Authorized Motorcycle Dealer Rider/Customer presents the Bridgestone tire to motorcycle dealer explaining in detail the possible issue. Based on the Bridgestone Motorcycle Tire Limited Warranty, the dealer shall determine if the tire in question qualifies under the terms of the warranty. If the tire is believed to be warrantable, the dealer must completely fill out an adjustment form. To request an adjustment form, contact distributor. Mark the area of issue with a white or yellow grease crayon and note the adjustment form number along with a brief description of issue on sidewall and/or in a note attached to tire. (Keep a copy of all adjustment records.) Return tire accompanied with the adjustment form and note describing issue to the servicing Bridgestone distributor. NOTE: Please read the Limited Warranty carefully before accepting a tire for adjustment Customer satisfaction decisions are at the dealer’s expense. Authorized Bridgestone Distributor The distributor receives the Bridgestone tire along with the adjustment documentation from the dealer for warranty adjustment consideration. Dealers should contact their distributor for warranty processing and to order a replacement tire or to replace inventory. The distributor may return motorcycle tires, accompanied with adjustment documentation to the servicing Bridgestone Technical Service Center by freight collect. Prior approval from the Regional Technical Service Department MUST be obtained before shipping tires. Otherwise shipment will be rejected. After receipt of both the adjustment forms and tire(s), the Bridgestone Regional Technical Service Department will inspect each tire and verify its condition and qualifications for consideration under the applicable warranty. Tires determined to be adjustable will be processed for credit to the distributor. Upon approval by Bridgestone, the distributor’s account will receive credit for the adjusted tires using the current price structure. If the tire was pro-rated, the distributor will receive credit for 50% of the current price. The distributor will also receive a handling commission for full and pro-rated adjustments. Important Note: Every care has been taken to ensure that all information in the 2019 edition of the Motorcycle Tire Data Book is accurate and up to date. Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC, their wholesalers and dealers cannot accept any responsibility for mistakes or omissions. The information in this catalog supersedes all previous Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC catalogs. Warning: All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the copyright holder.